Romantic Relaxation at Spa Retreats and Wellness Experiences in New Zealand

Romantic Relaxation Spa Retreats and Wellness Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand is famously known for its adrenaline-pumping adventures, but there’s also plenty here to soothe the soul. New Zealand offers luxurious spa retreats and wellness experiences offering breathtaking scenery as well as therapeutic therapies.

Queenstown lakeside lodge offering luxury treatments like the Skin Booster to restore balance and normalize skin. Indulge in stunning alpine views from your own private Jacuzzi!

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Aro Ha, meaning “in the presence of divine breath”, offers life-altering retreats in the South Alps that provide life-changing services. Created to restore human spirits, Aro Ha condenses optimal living practices into signature wellness adventure programmes involving yoga, long daily hikes, core strength training, therapeutic massage and nutrient dense vegetarian cuisine – designed specifically to address shifting life circumstances and find relief. Founded by Chaparro since 2014 and having received multiple accolades since opening their doors – there seems to be times in life where change must happen – an idea which has since won numerous accolades since opening its doors.

Aro Ha was designed with sustainability and self-sufficiency in mind; using permaculture gardens and passive haus techniques, as well as permaculture-inspired permaculture gardens, to tap into natural energy such as sunlight and water. Furthermore, earthy spaces such as hydrotherapy spa built into mountainous terrain, yoga studio with panoramic lake Wakatipu views and Zen tea rooms create an atmosphere that promotes healing through landscape.

Start rewiring your health today by taking part in one of these specialty programmes for six or eight days! Build strength and leanness; relax an over-stimulated nervous system; boost immunity with extra hydration, and discover joy each morning when the sun comes up! When you return home as a healthier version of yourself with fresh habits in place.

Cape South

Hawke’s Bay’s latest blissful retreat offers deep relaxation therapies that rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Owned and run by Cam and Kate, their French colonial style homestead sits amidst 16 acres of gardens with an en-suite bedroom for each en-suite bedroom spread out across 16 acres. Additionally there is a natural salt swimming pool, gym, infra red chromotherapy sauna, herbal medicinal gardens, yoga studio as well as mindfulness programs including an inmate prison mindfulness programme run from Mangaroa Prison as well as community support mindfulness projects run by Cam and Kate that provide deep relaxation therapies that leave both mind, body and soul relaxed.

Set in the picturesque Te Arai region, this intimate sanctuary provides an exceptional health and wellness experience built on advanced eco accommodation and permaculture-based self-sufficiency. The retreat focuses on rejuvenating both physical and emotional well-being through life-altering programs such as mediation and body morphing meditations as well as spa treatments using artisanal wellness products. Wellness retreat packages here range from day clinics to week-long stays; packages typically feature full naturopathic consultations, detox body scrubs, reiki massage therapies along with many other specialised services specialized for wellness retreat packages.

Split Apple Retreat

Split Apple Retreat, situated on a forested cliff-edge bordering Abel Tasman National Park, boasts three luxury suites that all boast breath-taking ocean views and private paths to two nearby beaches. Intended to relax and rejuvenate, this eco-resort is an ideal retreat for couples seeking to reconnect with nature as well as each other.

Guests can select from an extensive menu of holistic treatments ranging from massage therapy and reiki, acupuncture and reflexology, yoga classes and cooking lessons, or spend some time relaxing in our screening room with high-tech brain entrainment methods for an unforgettable experience.

At Split Apple Retreat, the focus is on healthful living – something which is evident through their cuisine. Lee, an MD with expertise in nutrition and his wife Pen, an accomplished chef trained by him both incorporated their philosophy of optimal wellness into gourmet fare they served to their guests – even writing a cookbook filled with tasty recipes to leave them feeling healthy and alive!

This property boasts a saltwater infinity pool that’s just steps from the beach, offering the ideal place to unwind and unwind from daily worries. Furthermore, their spa helps detoxify and revitalize you for an overall rejuvenating experience.

Earth Energies Sanctuary

At just an hour south of Auckland, this rural retreat provides the ultimate relaxation retreat and wellness journey. Boasting an array of powerful deep relaxation therapies designed to restore balance to both body and mind, both daytime experiences and overnight stays are tailored specifically towards bringing equilibrium between them both. State-of-the-art therapy rooms located on top of their 200 acre organic property offer breathtaking views across native bush gullies.

Marie Latus and Duncan McKenzie had spent 35 years using their property as a run-off location for local stock agents when husband-and-wife team Marie Latus and Duncan McKenzie decided to redesign it from scratch with purpose-built therapy rooms, and an accommodation cabin to host guests. To realize their vision of an exclusive health haven was no small undertaking: Latus spent years perfecting treatments such as zero balance and aromatouch.

At this unique retreat, clients only are hosted at once, giving them full use of state-of-the-art treatment rooms during their stay. In addition, they’ll benefit from access to a deluxe selection of wellbeing resources from float orbs and infrared saunas to physical therapies.

The retreat’s motto is ‘a home for mindfulness’ and as such provides all you need for effective meditation practice. Additionally, yoga classes for all experience levels are also offered here.